Wildlife Photos

$10 Wildlife Photos with the standard license to use it included.

Welcome to Jeremy Osgood’s Photography gallery, Photos4nature, where high resolution wildlife photos are showcased and available for purchase as affordable $10 Digital downloads in the widely supported JPEG format. Immerse yourself in beautiful wildlife, whether you’re seeking inspiration for personal projects, captivating wall art, home decor or enhancing your website, there are plenty of images to explore for your next creative endeavor. With each digital photo purchase, you receive the license included in the price, granting you the freedom to utilize these remarkable images in various ways.

Every image I’ve been fortunate to capture represents a brief connection with wildlife in their natural habitat.  I just can’t imagine life without all these remarkable creatures, and the prospect of my grandchildren and their children being robbed from the joys of nature and the rich biodiversity of the planet is too much to bear.  Therefore, 25% of proceeds from each digital photo purchased is donated to nature conservation.


A link to your JPEG digital download file is included on your receipt, automatically sent upon payment.


Yes, a single user license, for the named purchaser/company, is included to use the image for creative projects, business use, personal wall art, book covers, social media, advertising, digital and print media…etc.  You just can’t give away or resell the image as your own, commercially produce wall art, products or other merchandise from it for purpose of resale.  The copyright of the image and right to distribute the image is held exclusively by the photographer ©Jeremy Osgood. 

90% of the images on Photos4nature were originally shot in RAW format to preserve as much detail for the editing process as possible.  Please send me any specific requests and I will give you a quote and availability for other file formats. Jeremy@photos4nature.com

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No it’s just a flat fee for every image. No subscriptions with different tiers or licensing rules, and especially no to extended coverage for added insurance against copyright infringement that other major sites use to collect more fees.  I offer a straightforward process, at extremely affordable prices, so I can share my work and devote more time to doing what I love. 

Once you pay the $10 fee you will receive a link to download the JPEG image product. This JPEG image file can then be used to order from any photo print lab in the world. I personally use Bay Photo, Millers/MPIX, depending on my needs, but you can use your local chain store or anywhere that meets your budget.  The files provided are extremely high resolution and create incredible wall art.  Just wait for a great sale at your favorite lab and you’re on your way to some incredible home decor at an incredible price.

Purchases are non-refundable except in cases where I error. For example, if you receive a damaged or wrong Jpeg file. Refunds under those circumstances must be returned within 30 days and then a return will be issued within 24 hours. Return times post to your account depending on your carrier. See return policy here.

Yes, if you want the exclusive right to an image that has not been licensed to anyone else, I can provide you a quote.  Please contact me with details: Jeremy@photos4nature.com