Photos 4 Nature
Gallery Shop of Jeremy Osgood Photography

I started Photos 4 Nature in April of 2023 to offer my collection of photographs as digital downloads. I am committed to donating 25% of the proceeds of this site to nature conservation charities.

While looking for stock photography and images to use for my own projects, I found that the current stock photography sites have a costly subscription model and that they give pennies to the actual photographers that create the content while charging absorbent fees to their customers.  

Another issue with the major stock photography sites is that many advertise royalty free images, but if you read the fine print they really are not. Sure, you can download a low resolution file of the image and use it for desktop wallpaper, but if you want to use them for home decor or creative projects for any type of business use there is a license fee. Oh and let’s not forget their extra super duper license fee to get some copyright insurance on top of that. I personally appreciate straight shooters and no gimmick interactions.  That’s why I’ve included the standard license with the flat fee price – currently $10 – which allows for most uses: websites, book covers, business, media, personal home decor and wall art. The exception is that you can’t distribute freely or resell my image, or reproduce commercially, as only the copyright holder of the image can do that.

By offering beautiful stock photos and imagery for one flat fee it allows me to share my passion for the natural world and hopefully it inspires others to think about their surroundings and the creatures, big and small, that we share the planet with. 

You can view my historical novel, upcoming projects, and blog on my personal site: Jeremy Osgood Photography or connect on Instagram or my Facebook page below.  

 –Jeremy Osgood