Carved in Granite: Cornelius Campbell & The Legend of Chocorua

A New Hampshire historical novel based on the legend of Chocorua by Jeremy Osgood (Signed paperback, Limited Edition)

The year is 1722 in the young Province of New Hampshire. Scottish pioneer Cornelius Campbell fulfills a solemn vow to settle his family on the contested New England frontier. Haunted by the sacrifice of his brother at the battle of Sherrifmuir, he forges ahead, carving a life from the unforgiving wilderness that has broken so many before them.

Despite conflicts between the English and Abenakis, Cornelius builds trust with Chocorua, a Pequawket, whose family isolates themselves from hostilities yet remain tormented by the suffering their loved ones have endured.

As Cornelius settles into this new reality, his strong-willed daughter, Grace, defies societal norms and develops an unbreakable bond with Chocorua’s son, Towamba. But, as their relationship blossoms, tensions rise when the Boston Assembly enacts the Scalp Act, setting off a chain reaction of violence across the region.

Unbeknownst to the two families, the outlaw Puddle brothers from Portsmouth are headed toward them, looking for scalps, on a misguided path to redemption.

As violence engulfs the frontier, grievous losses and treacherous acts sow despair and confusion, pitting Cornelius against Chocorua in a race against time to save their families. The clues they unravel along the way lead them deeper into a web of secrets and deception, where the fates of their loved ones hang in the balance.


“Plausible, historically true to the realities of the period and sensitive to the cultural differences that made the outcome doomed to a tragic end. It’s a great read, especially for those who love NH folk tales, very sensitively written and quite believable as one possible through-line in a dangerous and savage time.”Wayne D. King, NH Secrets, Legend and Lore published on -The NH Center for Public Interest Journalism.

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Legend of Chocorua
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